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  mart-ffbsee 217b7be473
Merge pull request #87 from mart-ffbsee/master 8 months ago
  mart-ffbsee 5ad7521bff
include all 2.0.x versions in update 8 months ago
  mart-ffbsee 45453e85b7
Merge pull request #86 from mart-ffbsee/master 8 months ago
  mart-ffbsee 52df418d66
prevent empty message on lookup and apply upgrade 8 months ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx ea80cdbe74
Merge pull request #83 from re4jh/fix_dropdowns 10 months ago
  Jonas Hess acdf0a9498
++ toString-Conversion for port-number as proposed by @mwaring in #82 or done by his commit at the ulm-repo 80c8768d62 10 months ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 0300c9c0c6
Merge pull request #80 from ffbsee/mart-ffbsee-patch-1 11 months ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx efd5271981
Merge pull request #81 from re4jh/fix_js_on_webgui 11 months ago
  Jonas Hess a41e827eb1
++ neuneuneu: selektoren mit # 11 months ago
  mart-ffbsee 7028987bb6
make sure autoupdater keys get updated 11 months ago
  Matthias Knoll 1605c6bc2a
Merge pull request #79 from ffbsee/mart-ffbsee-patch-1 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 70988499e2
remove update key from former contributor 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx ca49b18e5a
Merge pull request #78 from re4jh/feature_add_wolf-key 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 967c6f1d81
added my key 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 67a3dda197
Merge pull request #77 from re4jh/fix_webui-stuff 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess e0c230cc3c
css improvals 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 540ee4023c
responsive menu toggle fix 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess f7a20daaba
changed init() call in save_data_settings() and save_data_network() 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess d49fb14a42
removed js-cache 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess b83ab4af59
error mit (E) auszeichnen 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx acdee3a131
Merge pull request #75 from mart-ffbsee/master 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 8a68ceb3cd
Merge pull request #74 from re4jh/fix_varname_for_yui-compressor 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess b58459be7e
varname "interface" causes problems. let's call it "aninterface" 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 9dfed8646f correct README.md 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 995bba673a set version to 2.2.0 and correct update function 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 26e4555f33 remove commented config and set correct gw_mode 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee a67cb6786e deliver raw link to map server 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee a8fe44bd79 really update to openwrt-19.07 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 27ff9b3934
Merge pull request #73 from re4jh/fix_missing_upgrade-and-restore 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 54d3a52f80
++ scipts.js extended (missing upgrade-functions) 1 year ago
  L3D e9b6713514
Merge pull request #70 from ffbsee/DEvil0000-improving-readme 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 9eb7b971ae
Update README.md 1 year ago
  L3D e31148b69c
Merge pull request #68 from ffbsee/DEvil0000-patch-1 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 677cbc0f40
Update freifunk 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 37162a119d
Merge pull request #67 from re4jh/feature_webui-lan_allinone 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 6b67ef4f63
zweiter minify-lauf f.d. svg: der alte minifier stand wohl auf schwarze ränder. 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess e35b4b5dc5
+- svg dinge: schwarze rahmen-nudeln entfernt 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 6a790c5e54
++ bonus: icon.svg 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 09fad61341
+- css-stufff: autoformatting, default-font, section-display, nav-tag, pubkey-textarea 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess ec7d406f05
+- html-files joined to one file with sections 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 19ec66fcb5
+- scripts joined to one scripts.js 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 2b60b78077
Merge pull request #66 from re4jh/feature_minified 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess fa1fbc49e5
added a minifyer (via sed) for *.html-files 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 607c0ec3b7
output to final path instead of moving around 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 47134a18c4
new script: minify web-stuff.sh 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 75da7dc8dc
var-rename for yui-compressor-reasons 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 7177daef3f
Merge pull request #65 from re4jh/fix_svg_size 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx e838769405
Merge pull request #64 from re4jh/fix_responsive_width 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 1ebc15977a
smaller footer.ffbsee.animated.svg 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess fc19e889ff
style.css: media-query for responsive menu earlier 1 year ago