1682 Commits (1b718aa8accb2468e34531217a4e6abb6c3e8c80)

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  mart-ffbsee 1b718aa8ac use batctl - debugfs has become deprecated in batman-adv 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 0316713e43
increment version 1 year ago
  mart 30ed004e71 change mtu back. turns out 1406 was good for us after all 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee a4dc98b1f4
autoupdater gets changed to new batman5 branch during update 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee f5ed42bff5 make autoupdater work on new batman5_stable branch 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee d2aa2fec40 add fastd keys for 3 additional future gateways 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee f5baf182b7 update openwrt and gluon patches 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 638dc9ff6b add route6 to old ffbsee subnet 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 13bb69f53c change mtu on mesh bridge as well 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee f3926a0933 fix some update routine problems 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 0794d440bb UI changes to differentiate the new firmware to the old incompatible one 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 26c03719b7 more changes to update routine 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 66f65d5167 more changes to make map work with BATMAN_V and change update routine 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 3d82bf5dff adopt new network-address scheme 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 84e8facf96
Update README.md 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 984b59fe1a Initial BATMAN_V firmware commit 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 64692cf4b0 remove opkg dependency 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee ebd1f7b4f4 undo some unnecessary changes 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 94da16bc7f
Update status 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 98509990f1
use connectivity value in percent 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 2d56b69177
fix edge case when no node is in range 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 465826c75c fix update routines 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 5d4b668b0a routing patches update 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 047f559dbc dont need this 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee fc1c04d35b increase version 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 415071e8fb use neighbor table instead of originator table for map information 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee cd9a805c4a make sure quality value is a whole number 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 57edea17fe enable wr1043n-v5 switch configuration for web ui 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 60fa419414 update patches add feeds.conf to gluon v2018.1.3 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 0d69e388c7 fix neighbor node count 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 1425901397 improve status page counters 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 0cdfa6e1cd improve archer C7 v5 flashing via web ui 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 16e05af4c2 avoid extra pipe for uptime 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 0dfbf3bebe fix reported rootfs_usage for rasberry pi 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 32da00e535
make print_map.sh more robust 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 8edf118e2c
make print_map.sh more compatible with Futro 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 48ef660d1d
Update README.md 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee b7898cc9e8 Update autoupdater 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 77b3aa4e33
Update 50_freifunk-setup 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 173d0f39ce
Update 50_freifunk-setup 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee d63272f30a
Update home 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 09e9911212
Update freifunk 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee c19de8d572
Merge pull request #45 from re4jh/next 2 years ago
  Jonas Hess 9b3caf0dc4 +- picked: 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 168338153f
Update 50_freifunk-setup 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 58ae7ecc2c
Update firewall.user 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 3a4b02d0e1
fix default_gw() for IPv6 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 06bea18b21
Update README.md 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 72670272fd
Update README.md 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee f357dc76e8 aaaaaand back to openwrt again lol 2 years ago