34 Commits (1b718aa8accb2468e34531217a4e6abb6c3e8c80)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  mart-ffbsee 1b718aa8ac use batctl - debugfs has become deprecated in batman-adv 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 0794d440bb UI changes to differentiate the new firmware to the old incompatible one 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 0d69e388c7 fix neighbor node count 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee d63272f30a
Update home 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 3a4b02d0e1
fix default_gw() for IPv6 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee f357dc76e8 aaaaaand back to openwrt again lol 2 years ago
  mart-ffbsee 6acbd1ec9e
use lan/wan/freifunk interface variables 2 years ago
  L3D 68f491c815
Bring back some FFBSee Features 2 years ago
  Moritz Warning f48e7a3a17 1.0.0: update www/lan/cgi-bin 2 years ago
  L3D f95258931e Network speed tool fix 3 years ago
  Byt3 dd5c54949c Add network speed tool to display net.speed on web frontend 3 years ago
  L3D df6b2699c9 Update home 4 years ago
  L3D e3fd6fec3c Changing location 4 years ago
  mart-ffbsee ba3cdca14c switch caption of domestic and foreign 4 years ago
  L3D 5b6ebf5f8a Prepare to launch 0.6.1 4 years ago
  L3D 0a70dbd83c Anzeige ob der VPN Exit in deutschland oder Ausland ist 4 years ago
  L3D 11052c26a7 Verbindungstyp in home anzeigen 4 years ago
  L3D 7b442b1fc4 Fixing firmware version detection 4 years ago
  see-base Mart 8ba20f47bc Added config option to choose from domestic or foreign vpn exits 4 years ago
  L3D 12086297cf NUN erkennt die Firmware ob sie stable ist bzw, ein minus im namen ist! 4 years ago
  L3D 42eebb671f gibt eine benachrichtigung bei non-stable firmware (wenn ei minus im firmwarenamen enthalten ist) 4 years ago
  L3D 460a617f45 Erkennen von non-stable Firmware Versionen 4 years ago
  Souichi Tomoe ff0142a8e7 fix edge case 4 years ago
  Souichi Tomoe 430f908222 make openwrt version more useful 4 years ago
  Souichi Tomoe 9e7e3a6ec5 display connected vpn VPN server and CPU/RAM/Flash usage 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning 552706184e make wan over wifi working again 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning 8edb9d2635 do no not start sockread in background 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 3f50b94fe5 hot-fix blocking sockread call 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning f8161aad06 remove dependency for batctl in an effort to save some storage 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 1530105edc webui: create a RFC-2616 conformant HTTP header 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 1eb59fd3e0 use /tmp/dhcp.lan.leases to count clients; thanks foso 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 04150b90ca webui: use tab to format output 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning b1c25c0b92 change label 'public' to 'freifunk' everywhere, this makes it easier to understand for many people 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning d206eea2e8 change label 'private' to 'lan' everywhere, this makes it easier to understand for many people 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning da41e4018e fix VPN status for fastd 15+ 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning a36dbec909 dispaly name from map, not hostname 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 76a90be890 show all ip addresses in web gui 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning f9fc7f5cf3 do not count batman-adv warning message as node 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 5c66483a05 simplify node counting 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 8ca9bac08e remove share_internet; this feature is hard to implement right for the 0.4 network architecture, it is also a good idea to separate server and simple nodes 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 58994f2389 remove mac from /etc/config/freifunk - we use it from /etc/config/network now, also allow it to be configured from the web-gui 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 64ea9342fb add simple VPN status 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning 9cdc90e96f replace gui script to check internet - just check for default gateway on br-wan 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning 9a7fcf6a84 use alfred to get gateways; remove dummy_mesh; skip gateway check when uptime < 5min 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning 777a5da1a3 make the wan interface a bridge 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning f248a77bdf use explicit wan interface name 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning d390ae6561 display MAC address in web gui 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning 226173242b use $() instead of backticks - better style 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning 84c69db43d include OpenWrt version in gui 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning f9ef3e1307 rename variable 6 years ago