11 Commits (1b718aa8accb2468e34531217a4e6abb6c3e8c80)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  mart-ffbsee 1b718aa8ac use batctl - debugfs has become deprecated in batman-adv 7 months ago
  mart-ffbsee c99946648d
Update Makefile 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 497cd826ad
Update Makefile 1 year ago
  Moritz Warning 440efde343 1.0.0: update packages 2 years ago
  Souichi Tomoe addcf3a5e5 bielefeld => bsee 3 years ago
  Moritz Warning 1f9a3ed063 add build option for USB 3G dongles 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning 0fffb4ad40 add build option for USB storage devices 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning face7f8d29 replace local-node by another approach, we cannot get macvlan to work properly and the configuration effort looks somewhat messy - let's keep it simple and IPv4 for now 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning c635a67cc5 add local node feature 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning 1bfcb2239e re-add ipv4 ebtables support 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning 7d13fd6e19 rename package freifunk-bielefeld to freifunk, but keep references to bielefeld 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning f2c78f2e58 use section Freifunk in menuconfig 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning f8161aad06 remove dependency for batctl in an effort to save some storage 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning 196a5e2394 remove dependency on kmod-ebtables-ipv4 as we use IPv6 mostly now 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning e579f556e9 remove use of dnsmasq-dhcpv6 and use simple-radvd 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning 34adc4b79b add simple-radvd tool to announce local prefix only 4 years ago
  Moritz Warning 5b675a1329 add a new package sockread for reading from Unix domain sockets 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning fd520f8c89 allow channel >11 for atheros chips 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning d880df11ce distribute fdef:17a0:ffb1:300::/64 via Router Advertisments, but not on the mesh; this helps to have self-sufficient networks without a gateway 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning fb7e1e7939 we do not need dhcpv6 support, for what it matters - odhcpd also has dhcpv6 support 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning db71bbfcac remove next-node ackage; /etc/hosts is sufficient now 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 2b1f03e14e remove tunctl support since we do not have any dummy interfaces anymore 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 1a7b83bd9b remove nodogsplash splash site 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 280e0b50a4 add support for A.L.F.R.E.D to distribute map data 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning e4203a85ef unlist packages that are selected by default already: kmod-ipv6 ip6tables 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning d0010f23a4 switch to OpenWrt Barrier Breaker (14.07) 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 31683d7933 OpenWrt trunk replaced 6relayd by odhcpd; configuration is done via /etc/config/dhcp 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 3f8af3f2b9 keep /etc/config/freifunk on upgrade 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning b1571d9fac use tcpdump-mini instead of the full blown tcpdump 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 7ed57b44ca remove nano and htop from debug build to fit onto 4MB flash devices 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 6d4e961a63 switch back to OpenWrt 12.09 ('Attitude Adjustment'), trunk is too unstable right now 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning fff408b922 configuration was renamed in trunk 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning 705c352e8c re-add next-node feature - but as package 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning c410277037 add simple-tc package (based on gluon-simple-tc) 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning aafc5e3d75 remove next-node 5 years ago
  bodems bce8d023d7 added dependency autoupdater 5 years ago
  Moritz Warning b7e31b3294 add next node feature: the IP address and fdef:17a0:ffb1::1 will take you to the local node you are connected to 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning 250f39c5cc add haveged to feed the kernel entropy pool; this ensures better cryptographic keys; e.g. for fastd 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning 9273e685c7 remove KadNode to simplify firmware 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning ad603f6b09 add KadNode for P2P DNS support 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning b64d3d67f0 remove masala in preparation of a replacement 6 years ago
  bodems 251c63a5c5 add package 6relayd 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning 1dac3c6862 remove radvd and use dnsmasq facilities instead 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning de41648bf5 kmod-ebtables is a dependency of ebtables already, kmod-ip6tables depends on ip6tables 6 years ago
  bodems ba92736667 change name of package 'iproute2' back to 'ip' because it doesn't exist 6 years ago
  bodems 236f154409 change package 'ip' to 'iproute2' 6 years ago
  bodems 1787add457 add package 'ip' 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning b91546f455 reorder packages and add masala as dependency 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning bd37d16da2 add packages needed for full ipv6 support 6 years ago
  Moritz Warning cfffa222be use tabs 6 years ago