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  A. Binzxxxxxx 9eb7b971ae
Update README.md 1 year ago
  L3D e31148b69c
Merge pull request #68 from ffbsee/DEvil0000-patch-1 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 677cbc0f40
Update freifunk 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 37162a119d
Merge pull request #67 from re4jh/feature_webui-lan_allinone 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 6b67ef4f63
zweiter minify-lauf f.d. svg: der alte minifier stand wohl auf schwarze ränder. 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess e35b4b5dc5
+- svg dinge: schwarze rahmen-nudeln entfernt 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 6a790c5e54
++ bonus: icon.svg 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 09fad61341
+- css-stufff: autoformatting, default-font, section-display, nav-tag, pubkey-textarea 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess ec7d406f05
+- html-files joined to one file with sections 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 19ec66fcb5
+- scripts joined to one scripts.js 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 2b60b78077
Merge pull request #66 from re4jh/feature_minified 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess fa1fbc49e5
added a minifyer (via sed) for *.html-files 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 607c0ec3b7
output to final path instead of moving around 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 47134a18c4
new script: minify web-stuff.sh 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 75da7dc8dc
var-rename for yui-compressor-reasons 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 7177daef3f
Merge pull request #65 from re4jh/fix_svg_size 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx e838769405
Merge pull request #64 from re4jh/fix_responsive_width 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 1ebc15977a
smaller footer.ffbsee.animated.svg 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess fc19e889ff
style.css: media-query for responsive menu earlier 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 99c980ced1
Merge pull request #62 from ffbsee/fixed_overview 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 432e5857d7
fixed: neighbors overview page 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 7ab4f423ae fix update routine 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 14187913bd add -H to batctl - this skips output headers 1 year ago
  Mart 663d07d981 update to openwrt-19.07 1 year ago
  L3D 2a12e40fe9
Merge pull request #61 from ffbsee/DEvil0000-patch-1 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 466969e586
added my key 1 year ago
  L3D afd19fe08f
Merge pull request #55 from re4jh/master 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess f454d9f1b8
++ jetzt auch mit case-sensitivity und charset 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 9f023618f8
+- da kommt ein json daher, also wuerd ich den header auch so senden. 1 year ago
  L3D aad5f249c0
Merge pull request #54 from re4jh/master 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 05613eae0b
+- das ipv4-seniorenheim möchte nicht in eckige klammern gesperrt werden... regex drüber. 1 year ago
  A. Binzxxxxxx 5121a53630
Merge pull request #53 from re4jh/master 1 year ago
  Jonas Hess 272d1e2ed2
-- doppelte charsetangabe im head (als meta charset und im content type) mag der validator.w3.org nicht 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 77f1ebd4d2
Merge pull request #52 from ffbsee/mart-ffbsee-patch-1 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 842e03da61
Update print_map.sh 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee e94939f2dd
update README.md 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 662658b3a2 Making the 2.0.0 firmware branch the new master as it is the stable version now 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 233e18490b update patches to gluon 2018.2.2 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee e135af2975 added alfred parameter using_gateway to be used in meshviewer 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 9405badec4
set 10mbit as baseline 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 86c4de9948 fix clientcount in print_map.sh 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 51ee59abe4
change from lede to openwrt ntpservers in update routine 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 0c83bd7263
update updater 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee d1115a18d0
Add update path from 1.2.2 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 4ebd757947
increment version to 2.0.0 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee f6b727ccf8 one more change to use batctl instead 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 7fa825bb4f
identity crisis? ;-) 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 545f560f04
hacky fix of link quality displayed for map 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 1b718aa8ac use batctl - debugfs has become deprecated in batman-adv 1 year ago
  mart-ffbsee 0316713e43
increment version 1 year ago