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  Lilian Roller 4257ae6c29
Improve for root login 6 days ago
  Lilian Roller 0feab3b512
allow login as root - optional 6 days ago
  L3D 0716be1a5b
fix name 1 week ago
  Lilian Roller e76934c708
version 42 1 week ago
  Lilian Roller 15ef1ac895
dont show changed 1 week ago
  Lilian Roller a4a12c7962
Update key management 1 week ago
  Lilian Roller 4f0c5e4add
update ssh deploy mode 1 week ago
  Lilian Roller af8de2bf6c
rearange order 1 week ago
  Lilian Roller 475e86ca64
improve usage of variables 1 week ago
  Lilian Roller 6d0fffe4bf
change root restriction 1 week ago
  Lilian Roller 227fadb0ff
Update Dounding info 3 weeks ago
  Lilian Roller 644d872157
Update founding infos 1 month ago
  Lilian Roller 61bc3b63c8
Update LICENSE Information 1 month ago
  Lilian Roller f7a14c1c25
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ffbsee/role-ssh_authorized_keys 1 month ago
  Lilian Roller fd9476842a
no warnings if never run bevore 2 months ago
  Lilian Roller eab8e648eb
improved versionscheck 2 months ago
  Lilian Roller 47a87b0642
improve status check 2 months ago
  L3D d33014e3c2
Versionscheck (#3) 2 months ago
  Lilian Roller c3b8e372c1
Resolve some lint issues 2 months ago
  L3D d1702c52f8
Update main.yml 3 months ago
  Lilian Roller fc20454b53
improve role 3 months ago
  Lilian Roller 835274722a
Improving key handling 4 months ago
  Lilian Roller a87933fb90
improve and bugfix ssh auth 4 months ago
  Lilian Roller adcd6c4456
improve ssh auth 4 months ago
  Lilian Roller 29ec544969
more dynamic configuration 4 months ago
  Lilian Roller a77a1867c8
Improve README 4 months ago
  L3D 560ada346a
Merge pull request #1 from ffbsee/rewrite 4 months ago
  Lilian Roller 7e225ad5fb
Rewrite role 4 months ago
  L3D e9ea39a110 improve role and change users to user 4 months ago
  L3D ad817e76e2 enable adding normal users 4 months ago
  L3D e3e2170b9d Fix typo 5 months ago
  L3D fad85ee62c use become 5 months ago
  L3D 31acb0c8e3
Add sudoers if not available 8 months ago
  L3D 0f8f2ede78
mkdir /etc/sudoers.d if not exist 8 months ago
  L3D 97f4e4d8a3
some more or **less** usefull aditions 8 months ago
  L3D d981f8eaf5
Add admin_ssh_keys var 8 months ago
  L3D 4d09353310
Update README.md 11 months ago
  L3D caf80ff20b
Copy Ansible role from github.com/ffbsee/ansible 11 months ago
  L3D 86b265a773
Initial commit 11 months ago