Pixelflut Scripte (experimentell)
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Der versuch irgend wie so ein Pixelflut zu bauen….

Verbesserungsvorschläge immer wilkommen!


convert avatar.png -format % txt: | cut -d" " -f1,4 | sed s/\:\ \#/\ /g | sed s/,/\ /g | sed s/^/\ \ \ \ dprintf\(fd,\ \"PX\ /g | sed s/FF$/\\\\n\"\)\;/g  | sed s/PX\ /PX\ 1/g | sed 's/$/\\n"\);/g' >> waffelflut.c 
# Then add start and end from cscript pixelflut.c
wget https://git.see-base.de/l3d/pixelflood_client/raw/main/c3woc -O /root/c3woc
chmod +x /root/c3woc
apt install -y tmux htop iftop

@reboot sleep 5; tmux new-session -d "while true; do /root/c3woc <IP> 1234; done "