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Ansible role to install Debian based VMs on a KVM enabled host. The storage pool must already exist.


External variables for example from group_vars:

  • Domain: ‘’

  • IPv4_prefix: ‘192.0.2.’

  • IPv4_netmask: ‘’

  • IPv4_gateway: ‘’

  • IPv6_prefix: ‘2001:db8:1111:1111::’

  • IPv6_netmask: ‘ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff::’

  • IPv6_gateway: ‘2001:db8:1111:1111::1’

  • ansible_local_user_ssh_key: SSH key of the user running ansible. This key will be the only way to access the VM after this role terminates. Note: run a ssh role for proper ssh setup.


This role assumes that the following files can be found by ansible:

  • files/ssh_public_keys/{{ ansible_local_user_ssh_key }}